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"Working Visa Japan" offers many tips for enjoying life in Japan.  And it should help toresolve questions about how to get a "Working-visa" or "Student-visa" for living inJapan. If you have any unclearpoints with them, please refer "Working Visa Japan".

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Doesn't Japan have "working-visa" !?

you should get rid of a basic question

Attention points in reading this website.
In actual fact, under Japanese law, there is no official name called“working/studentvisa”. But, don't feel anxious. The "Status ofResidence" system exists in Japan as asystem comparable tothem. This point is a bit confusing, but if you wanna stay inJapanfor a long term, you need to obtain 2 permissions from theJapanese government.entry procedures

Status of Residence

Because, they have different roles with each other.
On this website, words such as “working visa” and “students visa” are  sometimes used as commonnames. That reason is to make it easier for non-Japanese to understand.

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To Types of “working / students visa”
To Required documents for apploving
To How to renew your "working visa"?
To the ”Certificate of authorized employment” “Certificate of authorized employment”?
To "working visa" change procedure
To Is a working visa required for internship?
To Work as a part-timer on a "student visa"
To Attractive comprehensive activity  permit

“Visa” is the entry permit , “Status of Residence” istheresidence permit !

Some people may wonder about above title. “If so, can I not cometo Japan forsightseeing as a visa-less traveler?”.
Please don't feel uneasiness.temporary stay for status of residence
Japan's entry procedure is very easy & speedy fortemporary visitors.
Of course, Japan accepts "Visa-less travelers" to approximately 68countries and regions.
To tell the truth, "Visa-less travelers" can automatically receive apermission for "Short-Term Stay" belonging to the "Status ofResidence" at Japan's entry gate. Therefore, alot of "Visa-lesstravelers" may not be aware that their “Status of Residence” hasbeenapproved at that time. On the other hand, if you wanna stayfor a long term, includingwhen you insted to make money in Japan,acquiring a "Status of Residence" is very timeconsuming andchanges more strictly.
for obtaing working visa procedureAs mentioned above, even if you intend to stay inJapan for only 1 day,you always need to get anyone of "Status of Residence".

Did you understand somehow?
(If you don't understand well, see here)

What should I do to get a working visa?

Unlike "Temporary Stays" procedures, the process for obtaining a "Status of Residence"for working or studying becomes verycomplicated.
This is because each of those types has personal criteria ( skills,educationalbackground, working career, etc.) that the applicantmust meet.
Therefore, you need to submit several certificates and ask theimmigration officer tomake sure what you've completely clearedone of the "Status of Residence" criteria.
how to get working visa in japan*The required content varies depending on the typeof "StatusofResidence" which you'll request.

The actions you should take are "More haste, Lessspeed"

That means it's very tough to obtain a “Status of Residence” for along-term staywithout a perfect advance preparation at theentrance gate in Japan. Therefore, it mustbe approved by Japan'sImmigration Bureau before leaving for Japan. That procedure isformally called application for "Certificate of Eligibility".

How to get a "Certificate of Eligibility"?

Application for "Certificate of Eligibility" should be applied to theRegional ImmigrationBureau in Japan, which has jurisdiction overthe region where you intend to reside. *You cannot get it atJapanese embassies overseas.
Naturally, you should be live in a country other than Japan, so it'salmost impossible todo it yourself.You need an agent to obtain a working visa.In order to solvethat matter, it's necessary to appointfollowingperson in Japan as your agent. However, it's aprerequisitethat the following contents have beencleared.

【Major prerequisites for application】

Must be allowed to attend school from a Japanese educationalinstitution.

In other words, one of the Japanese organizations or institutionsmust already have adecision to accept your part in.

【Target person asyour agent】

Person of company or organization employee you're going tojoin in.

Person of the employee of the educational institution you'regoing to attend classes.

Administrative scriveners, etc. who have been approved tosubmit documents instead ofclients by the RegionalImmigration Bureau.

Once you've selected an agent person and requested theapplication process, your entryprocedure to Japan will proceedaccording to the following steps.

What should I do before immigration?

  1. Your agent will prepare the application and submit it on yourbehalf for obtaining a "Status of Residence" permit to theRegional Immigration Bureau in Japan.

It takes about 1 to 3 months for approval. Upon successfulapproval, the agent willreceive "Certificate of Eligibility"document from there. At a later date, the agent willsend it toyour home address.

When you receive it, you must present it to the Japaneseembassy in your country andrequest a “visa” for enteringJapan. By submitting your "Certificate of Eligibility", issuingyour"visa"will be smooth.
go to japanese embassy for getting visa.Once a "Visa"will be issued, you're able to enterJapan at any time, but ifyou exceed 3 months fromthe date of your "Certificate of Eligibility", Theeffectof it will disappear automatically. Be careful when assemblingyourtravel plan.

Be sure to bring "Certificate of Eligibility" when entering Japan.In exchange for it, you'llbe given a “Residence Card” made ofplastic. That card is a tool to prove that you'relegally allowedto reside in Japan for a certain period of time.
And you're always required to carry it while in Japan.

The immigration procedure is complete here, but when you'vedecided your address inJapan, you must report about it to aJapanese government office which has jurisdictionover youraddress within 14 days. Don't forget to do that.

Overall, it takes a considerable amount of time to complete aboveseries of tasks.
Time required to get a working visa.How much time you can save depends on how quicklyand accurately youcan collect some attachmentsrequested by the Immigration Bureau.Therefore, you'll need to contact your agent person frequently.
In addition, it's necessary to plan for the preparation period bycalculating backwardsfrom the start date of work or attendingschool.

What types of working visa are there?

In Japan's residence permit system, those equivalent to “Working-visa” or  “Student-visa” are collectively called ”Status of Residence”.
Roughly divided into 2 categories.

  1. Qualification to stay for a certain activity purpose such as "work" or "study abroad".

Qualification to stay based on personal status or socialstanding.

working visa where can be income earnedFor A, it's further divided into2 categories, they canbe classified asthose whose income is allowed orprohibited.

A-(T)  Income is prohibited.
●Teporary Visitor ●Cultural Activities ●Student Trainee ●Trainee ●Dependent

A-(U)  Income is allowed.
●Diplomat ●Official ●Professor ●Artist ●Religious Activities ●Journalist ●Highly Skilled Professional●Investor/Business Manager ●Legal/AccountingServices ●Medical Services ●Researcher ●Instructor●Engineer ●SpecialistinHumanities / International Services ●Intra-Company Transferee ●Entertainer
● Skilled Labor ●Technical Intern Training, etc.
(Exception handling) Designated Activities.

For B, please seethis page.

What documents do I need to collect for obtaining aworking visa?

point for getting a working-visa.The required documents vary depending on type ofa ”Status ofResidence” which you request.However,an employment contractdocument isalways required to obtain any "Status of Residence".Andyour scheduled salary must have be alsoappeared on it.
If you wish to obtain a "Status of Residence" which is related toyouroccupation in home country, you need to collect somedocuments that prove yourworking career.
(For example) employment contracts, certificates of employment,salary statements,certificates of employment insurance, etc.,those which were issued from retiredcompanies. And othermaterials that provide detailed information on the business andoperations.Change from Student visa to Working visa.
In addition to the above, this also applies to newgraduates from auniversity, etc., you'll be requiredto select work closely related to thesubjects youmajored in at an university or other educational institution.Therefore, it's necessary to collect a certificate of master's.

How can I renewmy working visa?

working visa renewal deadlineAs explained above, Japan has many types of "Status of Residence", anddifferent renewal periodsare set for each categories.
Your renewal period is appeared on your ResidenceCard. Before therenewal deadline, there is no system fornotification about renewal dateto be sent to your home from theJapanese government. Therefore, manage it at yourown risk.Applications for renewal procedure should be accepted by theRegionalImmigration Bureau from about 3 months ago to therenewal date.
Please be careful not to be treated as an overstay.

Approval criteriafor renewal.

Working with an expired working visa is againest the law.It's important that there is no change in yoursituation since the approvalof the "Status ofResidence" which you own now.
Specifically, the following points are checked:

The salary is notextremely reduced.

Your company's performance has not deteriorated,etc.

If the Regional Immigration Bureau discovers what your workplacehas been changed un-reported and they judge you've beenengaged in work outside of your “Status ofResidence” tolerance,your renewal application is not allowed.
On the contrary, you'll be subject to punishment as an illegal worker.

Always report when you change jobs

To avoid such a renewal application trouble, if you change jobs, besure to report to theRegional Immigration Bureau within 2 weeksfrom the date of change jobs. However, ifyou're not sure whetheryour work contents in new workplace is compatible with "Status ofResidence" you own, please follow the procedure for issuing thecertificatebelow before changing jobs.

What is ”Certificate of authorized employment”used for?

The “Certificate of authorized employment” issued by the RegionalImmigration Bureau,which document has 2 roles.

Judging whether the business of new host company  is suitablefor your “Status ofResidence” and proving it.

Certificate of authorized employment is a useful tool.In short, if you use the above issuance system, you're able to avoid anylegal problems with changejobs. However, be sure to receive a“Certificate ofauthorized employment”before starting work at the newworkplace.
In addition, by obtaining this document, the "Status of Residence"renewal procedurecan be performed smoothly.
It’s an indispensable tool when deciding to change jobs.

Under what circumstances should I apply for a workingvisa change?

There are various cases, but first, We warn you because non-Japanese people whocame to Japan often misunderstand regardto bellowing.

It's better to give up changing from a temporary stay toanother Status ofResidence.

collection of materials for working visaEven if you enter Japan as a “temporary stay” or "visa-less traveler" andyou wanna change from "Short-term Stay" to another "Status ofResidence"while in Japan, basically, the Regional Immigration Bureau willreject your change request.
In order to obtain another "Status of Residence", you'll be requiredto submit a lot ofproof documents for your personal skills andother, but it's not realistic to request andcollect from your homecountry during short-term. The time period is too short toachievethose tasks.
It takes time, but once you should return to your home countryandget approval for "Certificate of Eligibility", please re-enterJapan.

●In the following cases, it's necessary to change the "Status ofResidence"

When changing your "Status of residence.

(When you make an independent living without beingdependent)

"Working""spouse" / "spouse""any other"
(If you married a Japanese citizen /  When divorced or died from aJapanese citizen)

"Working"  →  "Investor/Business Manager".
Application documents for working visa must be checked(When starting your own business)

"Working"   "Highly Skilled Professional"
(If you have advanced skills and want to rank up "Status ofResidence")


The above cases can be considered.
If you wish to change each "Status of Residence", you must applyto the RegionalImmigration Bureau Offce.

Is a working visa required for internshipactivities ?

Acquisition of "Status of Residence" is also closely related tointernship activities inJapan. If you wish to work in as aninternship, you're able to divide it into following 2situations.

  1. When you've already been granted permission tostayin Japan.

When you wish to enter Japan for internship activities from acountry other than Japan.

Furthermore, even in each of the above situations, the type of“Status of Residence”that you must apply for depends on whetheryou're accompanied by income.
working visa for internship activities.For example, even if you have income with A, youmust apply inadvance for permission that is named“The permission to engage inactivity other thanthat permitted under the Status of Residencepreviously granted”.
Please refer to the link below for the list of applications for "Statusof Residence"required for each of the various cases above.
About legal procedure when you want internship activity inJapan

Is it impossible to work on a "Student-Visa""

In principle, “student” and “dependent” belonging to the “Status ofResidence” areforbidden to earn wages in Japan.permission to work as a part timerHowever, it's possible to work as a part-timer byobtaining the approval of “The permission to engagein activityother than that permitted under the Status of Residencepreviouslygranted” from the Regional Immigration Bureau.
Basically, there are restrictions on time and place of activity so asnot to threaten theoriginal purpose of your “Status of Residence”.
For example, the range of work that can be done in a week islimited to 28 hours.
It may feel like a very little time for you.  Although, this is becauseit is setting so asnot to significantly reduce the time for “Studying”which is student's primary activity.Please understand the gist well.
(Click here for more information on activity restrictions)

Is that permission required every time the workplacechanges?

Generally speaking, students are often recruited for seasonal,part-timers for short-termand other similar jobs, and it's very painfulfor them to apply for permission every timethe job changes.

Attractive comprehensive activity permit.

So if the Regional Immigration Bureau receive the aboveapplication from studentsthose who have a "Status of Residence",they will approve it as a "comprehensivepermission" which meansthat the effect of the permit will be continued until the end ofyourperiod of stay. Unfortunately, this system doesn't apply to thosewho fall under“Dependent” belonging to “Status of Residence”.They must apply for getting a “Thepermission to engage in activityother than that permitted under the Status ofResidence previouslygranted” everytime before changing workplace.

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